About Us

Full-time Staff

Cynthia Canning, SNJM, Co-Director
Rosemary Delaney, SNJM, Co-Director
Peggy Presley, Assistant Program Director

Part-time Staff

Monica Berson, Accounting Assistant
Jennie Emard, College Transition Coordinator
Myra Hutson, Greeter
Karen Matza, Reading/Language Arts Teacher
Richa Pokhrel, Database Manager/Workforce Connections Coordinator
Carolyn Schour, Accountant
Lee Gargagliano, Multi Subject Teacher

Board of Directors

Evelyn Ashcroft
Warren "Chip" Brown
Eugene Brown, Jr.
Mary Brutocao
Cynthia Canning, SNJM, ex-officio
Rosemary Delaney, SNJM, ex-officio
Venus Johnson
David A. Pereda
Candice Petty
Peter Raffo
Stephen Sanger
Gregory Schopf, Chair
Maureen Viani, SNJM
James Vohs

Advisory Board

Supervisor Keith Carson
Steve Gregory
Glenn Isaacson
John Kemp
Daryl Lillie
Michael Lubofsky
Cornell Maier
Pat Marino
Yolanda Peeks
Michael Petrini
Johnny Presley
Charles Seaman
Christopher Seiwald
Bill Somerville
Robert Venema
Michael Voorhies
Michael P. Walsh
Anne Whittington
Nancy Williams
Jim Wong

Next Step Learning Center is sponsored by the Sisters of the Holy Names.